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How do I add the license.key for the Editor to register?

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UPDATE 2023-August-28

[ version 1 & 2 ] license.key needs to be located in:

[ WINDOWS ] \”login username”\Documents\Mystery Islands Music\”plug-in name”\
[ macOS ] /Library/Audio/Presets/Mystery Islands Music/”plug-in name”/

…in order to register. Reload your project or plug-in instance in order to validate.

[ version 3 ]
Since version 3, license.key must be renamed to “(plugin name).license” and placed in: Users/(your username)/Music/AURA Plugins/(plugin name)/ folder.
To make this easy, click on “register” text in the top left corner to open the file browser dialog and open the license.key file with it. Rest will be automated.

Why Editor says reload license after copying license to right folder?

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There are usually two reasons for that:

  1. Plug-in has failed to read the license file. Make sure the license is called “license.key” in the plug-in data folder and not “license.key.txt”. If you see .txt appended, rename the file to “license.key” and try to validate again.
  2. Plug-in has failed to locate the license.key. Make sure the license is in the plug-in data folder (all versions before v3):
    Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Presets/Mystery Islands Music/(plugin name)/license.key

Note that Version 3 has a new location AND name for license.key. License should be placed in /Users/(your username)/Music/AURA Plugins/(“plug-in name”)/”plug-in name”.license

Sample below:

[macOS] ~/Music/AURA Plugins/Access Virus Editor/Access Virus Editor.license
[Windows] ~\Music\AURA Plugins\Access Virus Editor\Access Virus Editor.license

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