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app icon jp 80x0 editor

Roland JP-80x0 Editor Changelog

Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080 users

v24-02-09 | 2024-Feb-09
app icon virus editor

Access Virus Editor Changelog

Access Virus A – TI2 users

v24-05-25 | 2024-May-28
app icon ms2000 editor

Korg MS2000 Editor Changelog

Korg MS2000(R) users

v2.0.8 | 2020-Oct-10
app icon microkorg editor

Korg microKorg Editor Changelog

Korg microKorg users

v1.4.0 | 2020-Feb-04
app icon nord 2 editor

Clavia Nord 2 Editor Changelog

Clavia Nord 1 / 2 / 2X users

v2.2.0 | 2020-Oct-10
app icon q editor

Waldorf Q Editor Changelog

Waldorf Q users

v1.0.7 | 2020-Jan-02
app icon microq editor

Waldorf microQ Editor Changelog

Waldorf microQ users

v1.0.6 | 2020-Jan-02
app icon blofeld editor

Waldorf Blofeld Editor Changelog

Waldorf Blofeld users

v1.0.9 | 2020-Jan-16
app icon sn editor

Novation SN Editor Changelog

Novation Nova / Supernova users

v24-02-09 | 2024-Feb-09
app icon sn ii editor

Novation SN II Editor Changelog

Novation Nova II / Supernova II users

v1.1.4 | 2020-Feb-07
app icon pulse editor

Waldorf Pulse Editor Changelog

Waldorf Pulse / Pulse+ users

v1.1.5 | 2020-Oct-10
app icon pulse 2 editor

Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor Changelog

Waldorf Pulse 2 users

v1.1.0 | 2020-Oct-10

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