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Feel free to browse around, read the user manuals online and find solution(s) to any issues you might encounter. If the issue can not be solved by our documents, you can open Support Ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Join our Discord server and you can ask questions from the community and staff.

Content in Knowledge Base is under continuous update due to nature of our products. Please check back soon for update.

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Online user guides, tips’n’tricks, advanced topics etc


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Find Documentation by Product

roland jp 80x0 main v260 1024x517 1

Roland JP-80x0

Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080 users

access virus editor osc filter env virusc

Access Virus Editor

Access Virus users

korg ms2kxr editor librarian v205 1024x455 1

Korg MS2KxR

Korg MS2000(B) / MS2000R(B) users

korg microkxr editor librarian v139 1024x455 1

Korg microKxR

Korg microKorg (mk1) users

clavia nl2xr editor librarian v218 1024x455 1

Clavia NL2xR

Clavia Nord Lead & Rack 1 / 2 / 2X users

waldorf qxr v104 oscillators yellow 1024x517 1

Waldorf qXr

Waldorf Q / Q+ / Q Rack users

waldorf microqxr v103 oscillators blue 1024x517 1

Waldorf microQxR

Waldorf microQ Rack / Keyboard users

waldorf blox v116 white oscillators 1024x517 1

Waldorf bloX

Waldorf Blofeld Desktop / Keyboard users

novation snx v108 oscillators sn 1024x517 1

Novation SNX

Novation Nova / Supernova Rack users

novation sn2x v111 oscillators blue 1024x517 1

Novation SN2X

Novation Nova II / Supernova II users

waldorf pulsex editor librarian v110 1024x455 1

Waldorf PulseX

Waldorf Pulse / Pulse Plus users

waldorf pulse2x main v101 1024x517 1

Waldorf Pulse2X

Waldorf Pulse 2 users

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