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Did you manage to successfully connect to the hardware but can’t get software to reflect the changes made in the hardware? Here is a checklist to go through and possibly fix the issue.

1) Make sure MIDI output from your hardware is connected to MIDI input of your MIDI Device.

2) Make sure MIDI output from your MIDI Device is connected to MIDI input of your hardware.
It is pretty common human error to put MIDI cables in wrong ports.

3) Are you on a right MIDI channel?
Double check the MIDI channel settings.

4) Is MIDI allowed to go out from the hardware?
Here is an example: Access Virus has a setting in the Global / System menus, which changes the behavior of the MIDI. When Panel / Target values is set to OFF, MIDI data is not going to out from the synth and it won’t change the hardware value either. Change this value to Int+MIDI or just MIDI if that is your thing.

5) Advanced MIDI Settings…
Double check Advanced MIDI Settings page and make sure Control Messages are allowed to pass through in to the plug-in / application.

6) MIDI Interface / Hardware buffer overflow
This is pretty rare case, but does happen sometimes. MIDI Device / hardware unit actually gets into a “loop” state, where data is not released and it overflows the buffer. New MIDI data is not getting processed at all. Reboot your rig!

Step 6 has happened several times to us with Waldorf Blofeld with MIDI and USB connections. Rebooting the unit has sorted it out.

If any of the following won’t help, there is pretty much nothing we can do. We have tested our products in-house with the actual hardware and they work just fine.

Last resort is to reboot your setup, that might do it!

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