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Connection Timed Out and No Response From Hardware are quite common errors but they can be fixed with few simple steps / tests.

1) Is your hardware powered and it is on?
Yes, I once tried to solve why the plug-in didn’t connect to Blofeld, but I soon found out that the hardware was not on… πŸ™„

2) Make sure MIDI output from your hardware is connected to MIDI input of your MIDI Device.

3) Make sure MIDI output from your MIDI Device is connected to MIDI input of your hardware.
It is pretty common human error to put MIDI cables in wrong ports.

4) Model specifier of the plug-in / application is set to hardware model in use?
Again, tried to solve issue why Supernova II plug-in didn’t work, but I found out I was attempting to connect the hardware when model was set to SN II Keyboard, even though my hardware is SN II Rack.

5) Double check the Global MIDI Channel from both ends.

6) Double check the Device ID setting from both ends.

7) MIDI Interface allows System Exclusive messages?
There are cheap $20 USB-MIDI I/O interfaces out in the markets, but they are usually limited to Pitch and Control Data only.

8) MIDI Clock is set to internal mode?
This could potentially cause an issue. Try to change it from Internal to External and try again.

9) Hardware is in wrong mode?
Our products are designed to work in Performance / Multi mode if available.

10) Check the condition of your cables.
Sometimes i.e. USB or MIDI cables go bad. I’ve changed handful of cables myself over the past 30 years. Try to change the cable and see if that helps.

If any of the following won’t help, there is pretty much nothing we can do. We have tested our products in-house with the actual hardware and they work just fine.

Last resort is to reboot your setup, that might do it!

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