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Did you manage to successfully connect to the hardware but can’t get any sound out? Here is a checklist to go through and possibly fix the issue.

1) Is the Audio cables connected properly?
Usually our guides state that audio has to come out from the main outputs to your console or sound card inputs. Check the audio cables. You can also test this by plugging in the headphones to your hardware phones connector.

2) Make sure MIDI output from your hardware is connected to MIDI input of your MIDI Device.

3) Make sure MIDI output from your MIDI Device is connected to MIDI input of your hardware.
It is pretty common human error to put MIDI cables in wrong ports.

4) Is Audio channel muted?
Sometimes the Audio channel might be muted in sound card settings or in your mixing console. If your audio is routed to DAW, input monitoring might be toggled off.

5) Hardware key range is off?
This happened to us with Supernova II plug-in: Data syncs just fine, but no sound when playing notes. Soon we found out that the Performance key range low was set to C-2 and key range high was set to D-2.

6) Are you on a right MIDI channel?
Double check the MIDI channel settings.

7) Hardware part / channel / layer is muted?
Check the hardware unit if the part or layer is muted.

8) Arpeggiator is ON, but clock is set to External?
In such a case, you won’t hear anything unless the DAW is able to provide MIDI clock to the hardware.

If any of the following won’t help, there is pretty much nothing we can do. We have tested our products in-house with the actual hardware and they work just fine.

Last resort is to reboot your setup, that might do it!

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