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Waldorf Pulse2X Chapter 6 – Librarian Edit Menus

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This chapter contains a lot, so let’s break it down a bit.

After BANK functions are done with, we will check how to import banks to Librarian and how to save banks to HDD. There is also some helpful actions in the menu as well.

Let’s begin!

BANK EDIT menu overview

BANK EDIT MENU [1] is only accessible in the LIBRARIAN view.

waldorf pulse2x bem main

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Bank Edit Menu

There are different segments in the menu to keep functions in order:

  • Request Patch Data…
  • Store Patch Data…
  • Sync Current Data from HW
  • Push Current Data to HW

Functions above represents hardware to software and software to hardware specific commands.

  • Save (Overwrite current bank)
  • Save As…
  • Import…
  • Refresh Folders

Functions above are HDD to librarian and librarian to HDD specific commands. Rest of the functions are not relevant to Librarian usage, and we will discuss them later in the manual.

Request PROGRAM Data from Hardware

Open BANK EDIT menu and select Request Patch Data… [1] item from the menu. This will open a sub menu, with different request options:

[2] from Active Slot to Plug-in GUI

  • Requests temporary Program data from Pulse 2 to the plug-in user interface.

[3] from Active Slot to Librarian

  • Requests temporary Patch data from Pulse 2 on plug-in user interface to active slot in the librarian view.

[4] from Selected Program Slot & Bank

  • Requests Patch data from Pulse 2 memory based on the currently selected Librarian slot.

[5] Patches from 001-100 … 500

  • Requests all Programs from selected range to Librarian.

waldorf pulse2x bem request patches

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Request Data Options

Store PROGRAM Data to Hardware

Open BANK EDIT menu and select Store Patch Data… [1] item from the menu. This will open a sub menu, with different storing options:

[2] To Currently Selected Location

  • Store selected librarian slot patch to hardware memory based on currently select slot number.

[3] All Current Patches to P001-P100 … P500

  • Store all patches from currently active Librarian list to Pulse 2 memory.

waldorf pulse2x bem store patches

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Store Data Options

TIP #6: You can toggle on Search filter on the Librarian and store search result patches to the hardware memory if you wish to do so! Just remember to make the right list active before storing data.

TIP #7: Do not disturb the data flow while writing is in progress. Let it complete the write task and start your tweaks after it is finished.

Sync Data with HW

Sync Current Data from HW [1] will request the entire PROGRAM and System settings from the Pulse 2 to the plug-in user interface. Same function is achieved with “SYNC DATA FROM HW” button.

Push Current Data to HW [2] will push your current plug-in user interface settings to the hardware temp memory. Same function is achieved with “PUSH DATA TO HW” button.


waldorf pulse2x bem data sync

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Sync and Push Data Options

Save (Overwrite current bank)

Clicking Save will overwrite your currently chosen bank in the Left Librarian View. In this case we would overwrite “Pulse2 Factory Soundset Singles 1.mid” permanently!

waldorf pulse2x bem overwrite

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Overwrite Current Bank

Save As…

Open BANK EDIT MENU and select Save As… [1] to view available options:

[2] Standard MIDI (*.mid)

  • Writes the current left list bank as a Standard MIDI (*.mid) file to your HDD.

[3] Pulse2X Format (*.pl2)

  • Writes the current left list bank as a Pulse2X formatted (*.pl2) file to your HDD.

waldorf pulse2x bem save as

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Save Bank As..

NOTE #1: Save your bank to Patches folder / sub-folder to view it in Patch Librarian.

NOTE #2: Set the bank name after selected option is chosen. Keep the name simple!


Open BANK EDIT MENU and choose Import… [1] to view options below

[2] Standard MIDI (*.mid)

  • Import Standard MIDI files to Librarian. See notes below!

[3] SysEx (*.syx / *.pl2 / *.pls)

  • Import System Exclusive / Pulse2X Editor pl2 / PulseX Editor pls files to Librarian. See notes below!

waldorf pulse2x bem import

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Import Bank..

NOTE #1: Librarian will only import data to librarian if the file contains Waldorf Pulse 2 / Pulse / Pulse+ formatted Patches.

NOTE #2: Individual Patch import works in right click menu. See details below.

Refresh Folders

If you have made changes to the Patches folder outside the plug-in, you can click Refresh Folders [1] to reload the Patches folder content and rebuild the menu structures.

waldorf pulse2x bem refresh folders

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Refresh Menus for New Banks

Other Helpful Things…

Some helpful actions and sources have been collected on this menu. Open BANK EDIT menu and choose Other Helpful Things … [1] to view the sub menu with following options:

[2] Open Data Folder

  • Open Data Folder will open the data folder based on you OS. If you run macOS, different location is opened compared to Windows. See data location notes earlier in the manual!

[3] Open User Manual

  • Opens PDF from the data folder.

[4] Open Support Ticket

  • Opens your browser and sends you towards our ticket submission page. Report any bugs or feature request from Tickets page.

[5] Check for Updates

  • Checks for available product updates from internet.

[6] DAW Setup Guides

  • Opens your browser and sends you towards our knowledge base site for DAW Setup Guides.

waldorf pulse2x bem helpful menu

Pulse2X User Manual – Other Helpful Things..

Register Plug-in… / REGISTERED

Indicates if the plug-in has not yet been or is registered. We covered this topic earlier in the user manual.


waldorf pulse2x bem registered

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Registered

About this Plug-in…

Opens About window. Click anywhere in the background to exit.


waldorf pulse2x bem about

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – About This Product

Librarian View Right Click menu

We are not done with Librarian functions yet. We still have right click menu functions to cover.

Right click in right list only shows option to copy, whereas in left list it has a lot more options because the left list is our edit buffer like mentioned earlier.

Let’s dive into the details!

waldorf pulse2x rcm left intro

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Right Click on Left List View

Right list Right Click

Like mentioned above, there is only one option in the right list, which is Copy. This will copy the right clicked librarian item to the clipboard.


waldorf pulse2x rcm right list

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Right Click on Right List View

Left list Right Click

Left list has a lot more options than the right list because this is our “edit buffer” like mentioned earlier.

[1] Paste

  • Paste data from clipboard to chosen slot.

[2] Rename

  • Opens a new dialog to rename the patch in the librarian.

[3] Set Category

  • Displays a dropdown menu to set a category for the selected patch.

[4] Initialize Slot

  • Initializes currently selected slot from the librarian.

[5] Get DATA from..

[5.a] Plug-in (active patch)

  • Gets current data from the plug-in user interface to the currently selected librarian slot.

[5.a] Hardware Edit Buffer

  • Gets current temp PROGRAM data from the hardware to selected slot.

[5.b] Hardware by Program No.

  • Gets data from hardware based on the selected librarian slot number.

waldorf pulse2x rcm left list 1

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Right Click on Left List View

[1] Import

[1.a] Pulse 1 Single Patch

  • Import Pulse 1 formatted single patch file to librarian slot.

[1.b] Pulse 2 Single Patch

  • Import and convert Pulse 2 formatted single patch file to librarian slot.

waldorf pulse2x rcm left list 2

Pulse2X Editor User Manual – Right Click on Left List View

This is it – You’ve got it all from the Editor perspective.

If you have any questions about the product, you can reach us from our Discord server

We are open for new feature requests, roses and surely, we would love to know if we’ve done something wrong as well!

If you would like to contribute and help our development work, head to our Ko-fi page and support us there – That would be super helpful and keep the business alive.

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